SPS Eng. undertake electrical and data installations in a variety of industries, from banking and finance, medical, manufacturing and retail.

Company’s experienced personal has been working in the field for more than 15 years. Our team of electrical engineers have unfailing experience in Data Centre infrastructure and have successfully completed many such projects including major Internet Service Providers.

Installations include data cabling for server rooms and main LV distribution and sub distribution. We also provide a turnkey equipment replacement program to include supply, removal, delivery, off-load and position, electrical installation, commissioning and disposal of old equipment in line with current regulations.

SPS Eng. offer complete solutions to all of your electrical needs by undertaking the following services:

Electrical Lighting and Power Installations

SPS Eng. can offer all aspects of involvement in electrical lighting and power installation projects, from initial design input through to full Project Management. These aspects include all forms of cabling, single and three phase power supplies, lighting solutions, whatever your application our engineers will be able to design and implement a solution. Within SPS Eng. we have adopted and developed many policies and procedures to enable our operations to fully comply with current legislation.

Fibre Optic and Data Installations

SPS Eng. perform high quality new data cable installations and also install many additional services such as, data cable infrastructure expansion, network enclosure upgrades for the installation of larger cabinets or racks, additional network sockets, data cable testing and backbone upgrade to fiber optic or Cat6. You can count on SPS Eng. electricians to install highly reliable Cat5e data cable as the foundation of your network.

Electrical Periodic and Installation Testing in accordance with the NICEIC

A Periodic Inspection will identify any deficiencies against the National Safety Standard for electrical installations. SPS Eng. electricians can carry out these tests to check if any of your electrical circuits or equipment is overloaded. The inspection will also find any potential electrical shock risks and fire hazards in your electrical installation, identify any defective DIY electrical work and highlight any lack of earthing or bonding. Tests can also be carried out on wiring and associated fixed electrical equipment to check that it is safe.

Raised Access Flooring and Partitioning

SPS Eng. can provide raised access flooring for all applications including data centre environments and offices. Our customers realise the value of incorporating an access floor in their office and computer environments and benefit from the flexibility of the raised flooring products and services we can offer. SPS Eng. are able to provide a solution for all your raised flooring requirements from a single access floor panel to raised flooring systems. SPS Eng. also offer bespoke partitioning solutions to suit any application.

Emergency Lighting and Fire Alarms

SPS Eng. emergency lighting products are designed and manufactured in compliance with the relevant standards including BS5266, ICEL1001 & BSEN50081-1. We offer a wide range of standard DC emergency lighting central battery systems for most battery types. If we are unable to satisfy your requirements from our standard range we can design a bespoke lighting solution to meet your needs. It should be noted that there is a statutory obligation to maintain these systems when used in the public domain which SPS Eng. is also able to carry out. SPS Eng. also supply fire alarm systems to suit all applications.

PAT Testing

SPS Eng. can carry out PAT Testing on all appliances within the workplace. This testing should be performed regularly to protect employees and customers against any accidents and liability within the workplace. PAT Testing is carried out by SPS Eng. in accordance with guidelines stated in the IEE Code of Practice.

VESDA Systems

SPS Eng. supply and install high quality VESDA Systems which can detect a potential fire in its very early stages, long before a conventional smoke detector would activate. VESDA Systems are normally installed in areas where high value, business critical systems are in use such as computer rooms, communication centers, data centers, switch rooms and archive stores. VESDA Systems are often interfaced with Fire Suppression Systems which SPS Eng. can also supply.


The electrical installation within any building must be designed and installed so as to be safe, to function correctly and to last for a long time. SPS Eng. can supply many forms of wiring and containment systems to satisfy these requirements which range from simple low cost twin & earth installations up to highly flexible systems, using the latest developments in cable management.