SPS Engineering Portfolio

SPS Engineering is a specialized company in the field of securing safe and reliable energy. Whether it is for highly critical power applications or everyday needs for stable and continuous supply with electrical energy, SPS Eng. provides complete and reliable solutions for uninterruptible and back-up power supply.

Rapid technological development of computers and telecommunications, imposes requirements for reliable and efficient power supply, especially in environments like data centers, server rooms, banks, hospitals and industrial controls where continuity in electrical power supply quarantines quality used value, Driven by these market requirements SPS Engineering offers power systems that have exceptional reliability in operation, cutting edge technology and proven performance.


Backup_of_Our Products


  • Electrical diesel generators with power range from 10kVA to 2000kVA;
  • Electrical petrol generators with power range from 3kVA to 30kVA;
  • Custom made electrical generators for special applications;
  • Uninterrupted power supply systems with power range from 600VA to 800kVA, singlephase and threephase;
  • Static and servo voltage regulators;
  • Solar inverters;
  • Power supply systems for Telecommunication equipment;
  • Systems for automatic improvement of power factor;
  • Modular UPS systems with and without cooling device;
  • Precise cooling systems.


UPS Maintenance


  • Installation and Maintenance of Uninterrupted Power Supply Systems (UPS);
  • Removal and replacement of batteries:
  • Full analysis of the energy plant, measurements, records for the energy consumption, analysis of currents distortion, efficiency analysis, technical reports and proposals for solving future problems;
  • Maintenance and Monitoring of overall Energy Systems.

Among the other thinks, SPS Engineering always strives for development and implementation of greener alternatives for power supply, for systems with higher efficiency and systems that produce electrical energy from climate neutral regenerative fuels, such as combine heat and power energy (CHP) fueled by bio-gas derived from plants, landfill gas or sewage gas. Unlike some alternative energy sources that are closely tied to the weather conditions, technologies for clean energy produced by the distributed energy from the plants ensures continuous production of electricity.

With full support from the product manufacturers of our portfolio, SPS Engineering offers complete solutions on a “turnkey” principle for the each application.

Our clients include large data centers, retailers, telecommunications companies, healthcare facilities, airports, government facilities and industrial plants.