With thousands of installations worldwide, SPS Eng. is a trusted name for agricultural operators, providing reliable heat, power and income. From backup power to continuous power, SPS Eng. provides dependable diesel and gas power generation solutions that all types of farms — and their surrounding communities — count on every day.

With SPS Eng. biogas combined heat and power (CHP) systems, farms can put organic material to efficient use. Using proven technology, our systems provide renewable energy with lower emissions and reduced lifecycle costs. In many countries, CHP plants are supported by the government and the produced electricity can be sold back to utilities at a guaranteed tariff rate to generate more revenue.

We offer solutions for backup power too. Reliable standby power, especially in rural settings, keeps agricultural operations running smoothly. Any power outage can cause serious financial implications and place entire crops or animal lives in danger. Our diesel generator sets cover a complete power range, featuring an industry-leading average load factor, reliability and availability.