Entire communities depend on gas turbines for their large power demands, both for electric power and heat. Whether for peaking or for continuous power, energy suppliers utilities and industry have trusted SPS Eng. gas turbine systems for decades.

SPS Eng. has vast gas turbine system expertise, with numerous installations in Germany and Spain. We’ve been providing gas turbine systems based on GE LM gas turbines for over 20 years. Our gas turbine systems produce up to 48 MW of electric power per unit. In addition to electric power, SPS Eng. gas turbine systems can generate usable heat or process steam for combined heat and power (CHP) applications.

Based on aeroderivative turbines, our systems can efficiently accommodate frequent startups and shutdowns as well as fluctuating loads, which makes them an ideal choice for peaking applications. SPS Eng. gas turbine systems have fast startup times, reaching maximum load in 10 minutes. With electrical efficiency of up to 42% in simple cycle applications and fuel utilization of up to 85% in CHP, they provide outstanding efficiency. All of our systems comply with current European emission standards.

SPS Eng. offers full project engineering support from start to finish. We provide customized solutions to meet your specific requirements. Several sub-systems can be flexibly fitted to existing facilities, and individual components can be chosen according to your needs. A compact design enables us to accommodate the tight space constraints common in retrofit projects.

Our support extends well beyond the sale. Our gas turbine systems after-sales offering includes rapid delivery of spare parts, 24-hour emergency service and remote diagnostics, as well as complete overhauls of your gas turbine. To protect your investment, we offer full maintenance contracts for up to 10 years, tailored to your specifications.


LM 2500 DLE
Elec. output: 21.8 MW; efficiency: 35.4%; therm. output: 28 MW
LM 2500+ DLE
Elec. output: 30 MW; efficiency: 37.2%; therm. output: 42 MW
LM 2500+ G4 DLE
Elec. output: 32.9 MW; efficiency: 38.6%, therm. output: 45 MW
Elec. output: 42.7 MW; efficiency: 41.5%; therm. output: 53 MW
Elec. output: 47.5 MW; efficiency: 41.6%; therm. output: 60 MW
EMISSION LEVELS @ 15% O2 DRY, 70% – 100% LOAD:

NOx < 50 mg/Nm3 (LM 2500)
NOx < 30 mg/Nm3 (LM 6000)
CO < 50 mg/Nm3 (LM 2500/LM 6000)

USED Gas Turbine Generator Diagram